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An interesting side effect.....

My favourite one of my "images" that I get when we are enjoying nice vanilla good old-fashioned shag is a pine forest with a beautiful blue lake at the bottom of a steep hill.
This week we were staying at "Sequoia Lodge" in EuroDisney and it is surrounded by pine trees which had the odd effect of making me feel rather uncomfortable and horny - uncomfortable as we were sharing a room with the boys, next door (with an internal door) to the in-laws so had inforced celebacy and it was very weird - I have never found pine trees a turn on before!!!!
Roll on tomorrow night - I am too knackered tonight!
It was rather nice though - I kept having to give sherlock_42 big hugs and having deep satisfying sighs!
Love is great!
Had a good holiday too :D

Another odd thing is that 2 weeks ago I finally plucked up the courage to ask my mum about it - apparently it can be hereditary - well, she has never had anything like it, but was fascinated, and now keeps asking me if I have had any good colours or images lately!! We have never had that much in depth conversations about sex before - very weird - I felt like a teenager again!!
I suppose I need to find out if she has mentioned it to dad and if he gets any!
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