Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote in vanilla_pride,
Douglas Spencer

A song about ice cream

This little filk is entitled "My Love Likes Vanilla", and is by watervole. It's sung to the tune of "My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean", and first appeared here almost three years ago.

I fancy some maple and pecan, with a sprinkling of chocolate chip,
And toffee and raspberry ripple and maybe a walnut whip.
    Ice cream, ice cream, my love likes vanilla ice cream, ice cream,
    Ice cream, ice cream, my love likes vanilla ice cream.
I want to explore rum and raisin, and work my tongue round chocolate mint,
And try the taste of tutti frutti, do you think I should drop him a hint?
    Ice cream…
I fancy a Neapolitan, all smothered in chocolate sauce,
And to follow, a funky monkey, makes an interesting second course.
    Ice cream…

I offered my true love some phish food, the best that the Co-op could get,
But he went for the caramel sutra: there may some hope for him yet!
    Ice cream…
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