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vanilla_pride's Journal

Vanilla Pride - Good sex , plain and simple.
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Sick of the BDSM / Kinky / Bi / Poly communities getting all the attention?
Fed up of being made to feel 'dull' because you don't own 500 whips and a range of inflatable gimp-masks?
Then come out as straight, join Vanilla Pride! We're here, we're not queer, and we don't need equipment!

Post tales of delightful and delicious mish posish sex. Discuss your love of 'doing it with the lights out'. Boast of your brain-melting vanilla exploits - but be nice. OK?
angel delight, chipsanddips only please, cuddles, fun, good sex, love, lust, nice cup of tea, no cows were harmed, no gadgets required, no safeword required, orgasms damnit!, rubber in limited quantities, snogging, unbound, unchained, unkink, vanilla, waking the neighbours, warm naked and happy