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Another Newbie

Big hi there to the community.

From what I've read so far, looks like I'll fit right in here :P
Just because I'm fixated on the hors d'oeuvre, doesn't mean I don't enjoy entree too!

In fact I can't see a reason why the hors d'oeuvre can't be desert too.

(blush). Hmm... (thinks " probably too much for a first post")

Glances at clock - Damn, it's late, better go to bed now.

Night all
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Aren't hors d'oeuvre, entree, appetiser and starter all the same thing - the one before the main course?

Not that I'm suggesting we shouldn't have a quadruple portion of it!

the entree is the main course - i think

thanks for the welcome, mind if I friend you?

Mmm quadruple portions....
Sometimes the starters are better than the main courses....

... and then one has to make the hard choice: If I want a pudding, which one do I skip?
What's the problem? Have both, have it all. Then go back for seconds (or preferably hours)!

But the calories!

(.... oh, wait..... you can burn off the calories with vigorous exercise! <weeeeeee.... /> )
That's spirit. Don't be shy, there's no such thing as TMI at VP.
Seconded. You should read back some of my posts!!
Are you from the USA? I think they call their main courses entrees while we don't in the UK.
Whatever - we knew what you meant!
Hi there!
Thank you.

I have read a few, gave me a few ideas to try out... :o
No, I'm not from the US but spent some time there growing up.

Been ultra busy at work since I joined LJ so have not had time to post anything of interest yet, hope to get to it soon

Nice icon :)

Thank you :D
We are proteting against LJ's banning default breastfeeding icons for being obscene - I didn't breastfeed, so this is the best I could do!
I'll try to find something appropriate.

BTW, not sure what the protocol is for friending people on LJ, there have been a few users I asked if they minded me friending them, but they haven't bothered to reply.

Was it okay adding you without asking?
You can friend who you like!
I don't mind, but will wait until I know you a bit better before friending you - sorry - been burned a few times!
Plus it's normally some photos of the boys I friends lock or boring stuff from work!
It's really very boring mostly! I keep the good stuff for vanilla pride! :D
I think your user-info is also a little scary to us not so adventurous types!
Maybe you should include some other interests that don't involve sex!
Having seen your latest entry I am not sure I will be friending you back I am afraid as I have 2 young children and they can see my laptop as I have it on all the time - little inappropriate for them at the moment - maybe I'll friend you when they are 16!
i've just read your info page

are you sure this is the place for you?
Yes. I like sex. A lot.

I have a penchant for a particular type, but I enjoy the plain vanilla variety too. There are other communities where I indulge my penchant, and I hope not to offend anyone here by going on about it all the time.